Cordelia König-Teufelberger begleitet das neu gegründete Business Development Team von Conti Tech und moderiert die globalen Kick-off Meetings 2018 und 2019 in Hannover und Hamburg.

2020 findet diese Veranstaltung an 2 Halbtagen in einem interaktiven, kreativen Design online statt.

World Café Session anlässlich der Business Development-Days 2019 in Hannover.

“Cordelia’s ability to tailor measures to a stakeholder group, regardless whether it is a young start-up or an experienced senior management team, is impressive.

It is a real joy working with her – be it for building a new team, reorganizing a large corporate organization, or designing customer solutions. She brings an enormous range of experience and tools with her. I can say, I have rarely met somebody, who is as adaptive as her to bring the best out of people.”

Swantje Oldoerp (Head of Business Development – Conti Tech AG)